Training & Education

Armill provides tailored -solutions like seminars, courses, and other educational lectures at academic, corporate, and business with the aim of improving financial literacy providing education and assistance on alternative investments, trending financial topics to students, finance practitioners as well as business-owners running a startup, small, and medium-sized businesses throughout the U.S.
Armill LLC  helps individuals and organizations improve their financial literacy by providing tailored training and developing skills in: Budgeting, saving, investing, entrepreneurial finances, and risk management through its financial education consulting services, promoting greater financial stability and prosperity at both the individual and societal levels. Currently, we have designed the following products: 

Finance to non Finance professionals:

a course designed for individuals with little or no accounting/finance knowledge. We plan to achieve the goals through case studies, and examples taken from business reality and strengthen a critical and analytical vision of financial decisions and their impact on company results.

Financial Simulation for Decision Making

a course designed from a strategic-financial perspective to train participants to manage investment decisions with uncertainty by developing statistical models, analyzing financial models and negotiations, and assessing investment decisions through Monte Carlo simulations.

Corporate Finance and Free Cash Flow Analysis

course intended to understand corporate finance in organizational reality and financial decisions comprehensively. Participants will develop skills to use and calculate Free Cash Flow, establishing its fundamental difference with Cash Flow’s vision, which is decisive when valuing companies, stocks, bonds, and other financial instruments.

Project and Operation Analysis

we design a course implementing a methodology with strategic and operational foundations to forecast and model financial and operational variables to evaluate investment projects and entrepreneurial projects’ sustainability